Correlation between AFB smear status, radiological features, lymphocyte profile, and antibodies to PPE-Ce

Disease status (no. of patients)AFB smear status (no. of patients)Radiological appearance (no. of patients)Lymphocyte profileNo. (%) of patients screened for antibodies to PPE-C
Absolute cell count% Cells
HIV+ subclinical TB (21)NDND225-3,3509-5251-2331-821-2517 (81)4 (19)
HIV+ TB+ (24)aPositive (16)Cav. (2)d; non-cav. (14)b155-3,9627-5521-2924-713-2913 (81)d3 (19)
Negative (7)Cav. (0); non-cav. (7)c467-1,30971-3329-2246-702-193 (43)4 (57)
HIV+ TB (20)NDND641-2,698108-8628-5419-723-273 (15)17 (85)
HIV TB+ (30)Positive (30)Cav. (30); non-cav. (0)NDNDNDNDND29 (97)1 (3)
HIV TB HH contact (19)NDNDNDNDNDNDND2 (11)17 (89)
  • a For one patient, AFB smear and radiographic results were not available.

  • b Eight patients had infiltration, one had patchy areas, one had pleural effusion, and four showed no pulmonary changes.

  • c One patient had infiltration, one had patchy areas, and five showed no pulmonary changes.

  • d Both cavitary-TB patients were positive for antibodies to PPE-C.

  • e ND, not done; cav., cavitary TB; non-cav., non-cavitary TB.