Dose response in piglets orally challenged with 1010 CFU of STEC strain 86-24 and treated 48 h later with 5C12 antibody or placeboa

TreatmentTotal no. of piglets (no. of piglets euthanizedb or found dead) with diarrhea onset at:
16-28 h29-40 h
5C129 (0)6 (4)14 (2)10 (6)
PBS12 (12)11 (11)10 (10)11 (11)
  • a All 83 animals developed diarrhea 8 to 32 h before treatment. The time of onset of diarrhea had no impact on the outcome of treatment, nor did antibody therapy improve the severity of the GI tract symptoms (see text).

  • b Severely ill animals were euthanized.

  • c Dose of 5C12 antibody in milligrams/kilogram.