Brazilian study subjectsa

No. of individuals per group19131521133016
Clinical leprosy diagnosis+++
% T-cell response to M. leprae (%)b09210062100031
% Detected with anti-PGL-I IgM1006913140019
% Detected using M. leprae antigenc0859362100750
  • a MB, multibacillary; PB, paucibacillary; MB in Rx, leprosy patients with reaction; HHC, healthy household control; ML+HC, healthy endemic controls showing significant T-cell responses to M. leprae extracts; ML-HC, showing no T-cell responses to M. leprae extracts; TB, tuberculosis patients.

  • b T-cell responses to M. leprae extracts were considered positive if IFN-γ production levels in response to one or more antigens were >200 pg/ml.

  • c T-cell responses to five individual M. leprae antigens (ML0576, ML2283, ML2567, ML1989, and ML1990) were analyzed. Individuals were considered positive if they recognized one or more antigens (>200 pg/ml).