Number of B. pseudomallei CFU counted in brain, liver, spleen, and blood samples from challenge survivors after culture of organ samplesa

Immunization groupNo. of CFU counted
Pulsed DC/B. pseudomallei in adjuvant00<100
B. pseudomallei/B. pseudomallei in adjuvant0>10>100
B. pseudomallei in adjuvant/B. pseudomallei in adjuvant0000
  • a Survivors from the group immunized with B. pseudomallei/B. pseudomallei in adjuvant (n = 2) had B. pseudomallei present in at least one of the tissue samples tested. In the immunization groups with DC/B. pseudomallei in adjuvant (n = 3) and B. pseudomallei in adjuvant/B. pseudomallei in adjuvant (n = 1), evidence of bacterial clearance was apparent. One mouse from each of these groups had no B. pseudomallei present in any of the tissue samples cultured. n, number of mice still alive 35 days postchallenge.