Open reading frames with homology to the ferric reductase encoded by FRE10a

C. albicans ORF19 no.Size (amino acids)ChromosomeScore (bits)bE valueDiploid allele (% identity)NRCc nameStanford sequence nameName in Candida database nameeC. albicans ORF6 no.
19.141570641,3680.019.8991 (100)FRE10CFL95RBT26.6384
19.88497384475e-13319.1264 (100)FRE2CFL97CFL26.5731
19.88487604466e-13119.1263 (100)FRE1CFL1CFL16.5730
19.23126791458e-12819.9848 (100)FRE11FRE3FRE426.5538
19.19307105445e-12419.9486 (99.6)FRE4CFL90FRE316.1281
19.19327105443e-12419.9488 (99.3)FRE5CFL94FRE326.5606
19.88567274425e-11819.1270 (100)FRE3CFL99CFL36.2162
19.35387492415e-11519.11022 (100)FRE9CFL98CFL126.4284
19.6138730R410e-11419.13577 (100)FRE6CFL93FRE416.5676
19.701739Unmapped407e-11319.8320 (100)FRE8CFL96CFL116.3325
19.9403751R399e-11019.1844 + 19.1845 (99.3)FRE4CFL91FRE436.5612
19.6139520R3013e-8119.13558d + 19.13559dFRE7CFL93FRE306.5675
  • a Open reading frame 19.1415 was used as the query sequence for a tBlastn search against the fungal DNA database at the National Center for Biotechnology Information ( ).

  • b C. albicans open reading frames with a score (bits) of 300 or greater are listed.

  • c NRC, National Research Council.

  • d ORFs are incomplete and do not have ATGs; they might be adjacent fragments of a single gene.

  • e C. albicans database available at the server, called Candida DB, at .