Strains and plasmid used in this study

Strain or plasmidGenotype and/or phenotypeaSource or reference
    C. elegans
        Bristol N2Wild-type nematode strainCaenorhabditis Genetics Center (
    E. coli
        OP50Uracil auxotrophy8
    S. aureus
        A22223IClinical isolate, normal phenotypeThis study
        A22223IIHemin-auxotrophic SCV, isolated from the same patient as A22223I, from a fistula tract originating from chronic osteomyelitis, clonal by PFGEThis study
        A22616/5Clinical isolate, normal phenotype3
        A22616/3Menadione-auxotrophic SCV, isolated from the same patient as A22616/5, clonal by PFGE3
        NewmanWild-type strain, ATCC 2590410
        III33Newman hemB::ermB, SCV13
        KM2Newman hemB::ermB, pCE1213
        COLPrototypic MRSA strain
        Ia48COL hemB::ermB, SCV30
        KM1COL hemB::ermB, pCE12This study
        COL menDCOL menD::ermC34
        8325-4Prophage-cured derivative of wild-type strain NCTC 8325, rsbU mutant
        DB248325-4 menD::ermC2
        DB25DB24 with menD restored by allelic exchange2
  • a MRSA, methacillin-resistant S. aureus.