Pathogens implicated in obesity

PathogenaAnimal modelPossible mechanism(s)
Human adenovirus-36*Chickens, mice, nonhuman primatesUpregulation of preadipocyte differentiation
Human adenovirus-37*ChickensUnknown
SMAM-1 adenovirus*ChickensUnknown
Borna disease virus*RatsHypothalamic damage
Chlamydia pneumoniae*No animal model, associated with wt gain in humansUnknown
Scrapie agentMiceHypothalamic-pituitary adrenal axis damage
Canine distemper virusMiceHypothalamic damage, reduced hypothalamic leptin receptor expression
Rous-associated virus-7ChickensReduced thyroid hormone levels
  • a *, Human pathogens and/or associated with human obesity. Adapted from Dhurandhar et al. (30) with the permission of the publisher.