Protein identificationa

SpotTentative identificationPhaseNo. of peptidesAccession no.e value
1HSP30S13XP_6601344 e-32
2Benzoquinone reductaseS10AF4528831 e-101
2HSP30S7XP_6601344 e-32
3Short-chain alcohol dehydrogenaseS33EAL871823 e-67
4Short-chain alcohol dehydrogenaseS31EAL871823 e-67
5Aldehyde reductaseS20AAL270893.9 e-133
6Peroxisomal proteinS60AAQ840414 e-61
7Fructose 1,6-bisphosphate aldolaseS19AAG006130
8HypotheticalS19ZP_003022831 e-21
9Peroxisomal proteinm8AAQ840414 e-61
10Pyruvate decarboxylaseS47EAL924740
11Pyruvate decarboxylaseS60EAL924740
12Pyruvate decarboxylaseM50EAL924740
13HSP70 (mitochondrial)M28AAP059870
14HSP70 (mitochondrial)M25AAP059870
15Leucine aminopeptidaseM19AAS766692 e-151
16Leucine aminopeptidaseM22AAS766692 e-151
17Isovaleryl-coenzyme A DHM19EAL917060
17Peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomeraseM15EAL873025 e-99
18Ornithine aminotransferaseM21EAL898730
19Cytochrome c peroxidaseM11EAL898764 e-139
19Orotidine 5′-monophosphate decarboxylase (pyrG)M10AAQ162060
20GDSL motif lipaseS8EAL931889.6 e-46
21HSP70 (mitochondrial)M4AAP059870
221,2-α-d-MannosidaseS13P317232.7 e-107
23Leucine aminopeptidaseM13AAS766692 e-151
24Peroxisomal proteinS8AAQ840414 e-61
27Fructose 1,6-bisphosphate aldolase=48AAG006130
28HSP70 (mitochondrial)$23AAP059870
33Ketol-acid reductoisomerase (ilv2)=23EAL921390
34Zinc-binding alcohol DH=18EAL881735 e-83
35G-beta-like protein=7AAF980658 e-160
35Glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate DH=5EAL889880
35Zinc-binding alcohol DH=5EAL881735 e-83
36Formate DH=14AAV679709 e-151
37Glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate DH=26AAN764961 e-165
38Hypothetical=4EAL895063 e-54
39GDSL motif fungal lipase$1EAL931889.6 e-46
40Arginosuccinate synthetasem17EAA650483 e-101
40Glutamate carboxypeptidasem12EAL930180
  • a Phase refers to relative intensity of a given spot as follows: S, higher than twice the standard deviation of mean spot intensity in spherule phase; $, more than threefold higher in spherule phase; M, higher than twice the standard deviation of mean spot intensity in mycelial phase; m, more than threefold higher in mycelial phase; =, similar in intensity. DH, dehydrogenase. Accession number refers to the closest homolog in the nonredundant databases at NCBI. e value refers to the alignment BLASTP score using the deduced amino acid sequence as the query.