Strains and plasmids

Strain or plasmidRelevant characteristicsaSource and/or reference
B. cenocepacia strains
    K56-2ET12 clone related to J2315, CF clinical isolateBCRRC; 31b
    J2315ET12 clone, cbl+, CF clinical isolateP. A. Sokol
    RSF11K56-2, BCAM2160::pRF99, TprThis study
    RSF12K56-2, BCAL2831::pRF103, TprThis study
    RSF13K56-2, BCAL2829(htrA)::pRF109, TprThis study
    RSF16K56-2, BCAL2826(coxG)::pRF115, TprThis study
    RSF18K56-2, BCAL2828::pRF125, TprThis study
E. coli strains
    DH5αF φ80dlacZΔM15 (ΔlacZYA-argF)U169 endA1 recA1 hsdR17(rK mK+) supE44 thi-1 ΔgyrA96 relA1Laboratory stock
    SY327araD Δ(lac pro) argE(Am) recA56 Rifr nalA, λ pir35
    pGP704oriR6K, Apr, mob+35
    pHP45ΩTetoricolE1, ΩTetr cassette13
    pHP45ΩCmoricolE1, ΩCmr cassette13
    pMLBADoripBBR1, Tpr, mob+, araC-PBAD28
    pUC18oricolE1, Apr, lacZ62
    pGPΩTporiR6K, ΩTpr cassette, mob+This study
    pGPΩTetoriR6K, ΩTetr cassette, mob+This study
    pGPΩCmoriR6K, ΩCmr cassette, mob+This study
    pDA17oripBBR1, Tetr, mob+, Pdhfr, FLAG epitopeD. Aubert
    pRK2013oricolE1, RK2 derivative, Kanr, mob+ tra+14
    pRF99pGPΩTp, 320-bp internal fragment from BCAM2160This study
    pRF103pGPΩTp, 298-bp internal fragment from BCAL2831This study
    pRF109pGPΩTp, 300-bp internal fragment from BCAL2829This study
    pRF115pGPΩTp, 218-bp internal fragment from BCAL2826This study
    pRF125pGPΩTp, 308-bp internal fragment from BCAL2828This study
    pKMBADpMLBAD, CmrK. Maloney
    pRF126pKMBAD, 3.3-kbp fragment containing BCAL2829, BCAL2828, BCAL2827, and BCAL2826This study
    pRF127pRF126, BCAL2829::KanrThis study
    pRF128pRF126, BCAL2828::KanrThis study
    pRF129pRF126, BCAL2829/BCAL2828::KanrThis study
    pKD3Template plasmid, oriR6K, Kanr Apr11
    pKD46λ Red recombination system expression vector, ParaBAD, Apr11
    pColVColV expression vector, oripBBR1, Tpr, PrhaB, mob+D. Aubert
    pRF130210 bp encoding a 70-amino-acid N-terminal fragment of BCAL2829This study
    pRF131210 bp encoding a 70-amino-acid reverse N-terminal fragment of BCAL2829This study
    pRF132BCAL2829, FLAGThis study
    pRF134BCAL2829Δ PDZbp891-1485, FLAGThis study
    pRF137BCAL2829 in pUC18This study
    pRF138BCAL2829(S245A)This study
    pRF139BCAL2829(S245A), FLAGThis study
  • a Tpr, trimethoprim resistance; Kanr, kanamycin resistance; Tetr, tetracycline resistance; Cmr, chloramphenicol resistance; Apr, ampicillin resistance.

  • b BCRRC, B. cepacia Research and Referral Repository for Canadian CF Clinics.