Competition assays with the B. cenocepacia mutants

B. cenocepacia strainLocus of pGPΩTp integrationCIa
RSF12BCAL2831, response regulatorNR
RSF13BCAL2829, HtrA proteaseNRb
RSF18BCAL2828, unknown function1.08
RSF16BCAL2826, CoxG1.04
RSF11BCAM2160, response regulator1.06
  • a The CI was determined by dividing the mean output ratio of the mutant to the wild type by the mean input ratio of the mutant to the wild type. Six or seven rats were analyzed for each mutant. NR, not recovered.

  • b For RSF13 two independent experiments were performed using a total of nine rats. Seven of the nine rats completely cleared RSF13; however, bacteria were recovered from two rats (see the text for details).