Organ fungal burdens at time of death in different groups of mice challenged with C. albicans SSY50-Ba

Animal groupMST (days)blog CFU/g of kidneycStatistical significance (P)d
BALB/ce37.33 ± 0.43
C57BL/627.37 ± 0.37NS
B cell deficient17.13 ± 0.20NS
Nude47.58 ± 0.85NS
SCID2.57.26 ± 0.73NS
DBA/2N16.61 ± 0.360.0109
CPM treated (plus DOX)17.14 ± 0.16NS
CPM treated (no DOX)27.94 ± 0.530.0303
  • a All mice received DOX in their drinking water except for the CPM-treated no-DOX group. The legend of Fig. 1 gives infecting doses.

  • b MST, mean survival time in number of days after infection.

  • c Results are expressed as geometric means and standard deviations for log CFU/g values.

  • d Compared to BALB/c mice. NS, not significant.

  • e Inoculum of 1.7 × 106 cells/mouse.