Dog identification number, gender, age, and type of B. subtilis spore orally applied

Animal no.GendereAge (wk)aB. subtilis spores appliedb
1, 2M, M2tasA sinR lux TasA-mCherry
4, 5M, F9tasA sinR lux TasA-mCherry
1, 2F, M9Placebo
1, 2M, F9tasA sinR TasA-(102-207)EgTrp
1, 2M, F9tasA sinR TasA-(370-583)EgA31
1, 2M, F9Mixtured
  • a The age at the time that the first B. subtilis spores were received.

  • b A total of 5 × 1010 CFU of orally applied recombinant B. subtilis spores per dose.

  • c The placebo consisted of milk.

  • d A total of 2.5 × 1010 CFU B. subtilis tasA sinR TasA-(102-207)EgTrp and 2.5 ×1010 CFU B. subtilis tasA sinR TasA-(370-83)EgA31 spores per dose.

  • e F, female; M, male.