Genes under σL controla

LocusbGenebq value (%)cFold inductiondGene product/function
Rv0593 lpr 020.3Unknown; thought to be involved in host cell invasion (lipoprotein)
Rv0594 mce2F 03.4 (3.5) [1.0]Unknown; thought to be involved in host cell invasion (secreted protein)
Rv1139c 012.8 (61.7) [0.7]Isoprenylcysteine carboxymethyltransferase (ICMT) family (transmembrane protein)
Rv1145 mmpL13a 08.3 (16.0) [1.1]Unknown; thought to be involved in fatty acid transport (transmembrane protein)
Rv1146 mmpL13b 5.26.5Unknown; thought to be involved in fatty acid transport (transmembrane protein)
Rv151001.5Unknown (integral membrane protein)
Rv1660 pks10 017.1 (102.5) [1.4]Polyketide synthase
Rv1661 pks7 08.1Polyketide synthase
Rv1662 pks8 07.1Polyketide synthase
Rv1663 pks17 05.1Polyketide synthase
Rv1664 pks9 6.72.4Polyketide synthase
Rv1665 pks11 7.32.9Polyketide synthase
Rv1727 010.1Unknown
Rv2710 e sigB 10.71.7 (1.6) [1.1]Primary-like sigma factor
Rv2877c013.5Unknown; contains CcdA domain, similar to cytochrome c biogenesis protein (integral membrane protein)
Rv2878c mpt53 03.4 (8.2) [2.2]Unknown; similar to DsbE (secreted protein)
Rv2931 ppsA 5.01.8Phenolpthiocerol synthesis type I polyketide synthase; involved in dimycocerosyl phthiocerol biosynthesis
Rv3161c7.01.7Dioxigenase, contains a Rieske iron-sulfur domain
Rv3163c04.7Unknown (secreted protein)
Rv3164c moxR3 14.25.5Unknown, AAA ATPase domain, similar to Mg chelatase
Rv3166c 14.14.5Unknown (transmembrane protein)
Rv3242c09.6Unknown; possible ATPase precursor
Rv3518c cyp142 4.54.3Probable cytocrome P450 monooxygenase
  • a Since it is absent from M. tuberculosis TB1, sigL was not considered in this table. Genes were included in the table if their q value was ≤5 and fold induction was ≥1.7. Genes that showed a q value of ≤15 that are part of a putative operon in which at least one gene fit the previous criteria were also included in the table. Genes with an upstream putative sigL consensus sequence are shown in bold type.

  • b Genes are annotated as described by the Pasteur Institute on TUBERCULIST ( ).

  • c The q value is the estimated false discovery rate calculated by significance analysis of microarray.

  • d mRNA levels in strain TB3 divided by those in strain TB1. Values in parentheses represent the fold induction obtained by qRT-PCR (TB3/TB1). Values in brackets represent the fold induction obtained by qRT-PCR (H37Rv/TB1).

  • e sigB was added into the table even though it did not fit the q value criteria, since its overexpression in the “partially complemented strain” was confirmed by quantitative RT-PCR.