Distribution and divergence of IsdB in a collection of pathologically and taxonomically diverse S. aureus isolates

StrainSourceCapsule typeMLST groupaAntibiotic resistance groupb% Identity to immunogencReactivity to anti-IsdBdMFI end titere
MCL 8567Left forearm wound, United States81MSSA100+2180
MCL 8999Arm wound, United States81MSSA99+7400
MCL 8752Left foot, United States55MRSA99+002
MCL 8072Wound, United States55MRSA99+22230
MCL 8933Right leg wound, United States58MRSA100+3800
ME9fIreland, hospital acquired58MRSA+4300
ME10fUnited Kingdom, hospital acquired, nares59MSSA97+2100
ME11f,gUnited Kingdom, blood59MSSA97+87919
ME13fThe Netherlands, blood812MSSA97+93037
ME14fUnited Kingdom, nares812MSSA97+103
MCL 8538gLeft finger skin, United States815MSSA98+781913
MCL 8714Pus left anaresle, United States815MSSA98+2200
ME24fUnited States, blood522MRSA+4700
ME25fGermany, Barnin MRSA522MRSA98+12100
ME4fUnited States, blood525MRSA/VISA98+8700
ME27f,gCanada, blood525MRSA97+58191
ME31f,gSweden, wound830MRSA94+48035
ME32fGermany, source not known830MRSA94+4156
MCL 8781Left leg stump pus, United States845MRSA95+9600
Beckerg,hUnited States prototype capsule strain845MSSA95+19200
ME54fThe Netherlands, blood597MSSA98+2000
ME55fCanada, blood597MSSA99+5800
ME59fUnited Kingdom, nares, community disease8121MSSA96+9300
ME60f,gUnited Kingdom, blood8121MSSA96+73NDi0
  • a MLST group, multilocus sequence typing taxonomic group.

  • b MRSA, methicillin-resistant S. aureus; MSSA, methicillin-sensitive S. aureus; VISA, S. aureus resistant to intermediate levels of vancomycin.

  • c Level of identity of the IsdB amino acid sequence to the amino acid sequence of IsdB from S. aureus COL, the source of the vaccine sequence used in the immunization experiments.

  • d S. aureus strains were grown in RPMI and screened for reactivity to IsdB antiserum from IsdB-immunized mice. +, binding to serum as detected by flow cytometry.

  • e MFI, mean fluorescene intensity when an anti-IsdB monoclonal antibody dilution of 1:500 was used.

  • f Clinical strain provided by Mark Enright, Imperial College, London, United Kingdom.

  • g Strain tested in the murine sepsis model using mice immunized with the IsdB vaccine.

  • h Strain provided by Chia Lee, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, Little Rock.

  • i ND, not determined.