Table 2.

Sources of the strains

Strain codeLaboratoryOriginYr obtainedMaintenance
ConditionsFrequency of subcloning
24067-AA. Casadevall24067-B199225–30°C, SababrothbFrequent
24067-BM. ScharffATCC19914°C, Sab slants∼12 mo
24067-CM. Scharff24067-Bc19934°C, Sab slantsInfrequent
24067-D1R. CherniakATCC1993Lyophilized, 10% skim milkNone
24067-D2R. Cherniak24067-D119934°C, Sab slants3–4 mo
24067-EG. HuffnagleATCC1991−70°C, Sab slants6–12 mo
24067-F1M. LipscombATCC1993−70°C, Sab slants6 mo
24067-F2M. LipscombATCC1996−70°C, Sab slants6 mo
24067-GJ. MurphyK. J. Kwon-Chungd19874°C, Sab slants∼12 mo
  • a Sab, Sabouraud dextrose.

  • b This is not a standard storage condition in our laboratory.

  • c 24067-C was derived from a single colony recovered from a mouse infected with 24067-B.

  • d National Institutes of Health.