Differential transcription of genes by the Δcas9 mutant and the wild-type S. agalactiae strain

Function and geneGene and/or possible functionRegulationNCBI reference sequence
Prophage lambdaSa04
    Gene 1Minor structural proteinDownWP_000796407.1
    Gene 2DNA methylaseDownWP_006739362.1
    Gene 3Carbamoylsarcosine amidaseDownWP_017650699.1
    Gene 4Phage tail protein; cl17486DownWP_015057816.1
    Gene 5TP901 family tail tape measure proteinDownWP_000918338.1
    Gene 6HK97 family portal proteinDownWP_017769756.1
    Gene 7phi13 family major tail proteinDownWP_006738724.1
    Gene 8Terminase, large subunitDownWP_006268711.1
    Gene 9Site-specific recombinase resolvaseDownWP_003083348.1
    Gene 10clpP, portal proteinsDownWP_017769756.1
    Gene 11HK97 family major capsid proteinDownWP_017646689.1
    Gene 12DNA primase, virulence-associated protein EDownWP_017768029.1
    Gene 13Site-specific recombinase resolvaseDownWP_002906257.1
    Gene 14SNF2 family helicase, DEAD/DEAH box helicaseDownWP_003083276.1
    Gene 15HolinDownWP_000661350.1
    Gene 16DNA polymerase IDownWP_017769760.1
    Gene 17YSIRK signal domain/LPXTG anchor domain surface proteinDownWP_000944926.1
    Gene 18Uncharacterized membrane proteinUpNP_688147.1
Metabolism/stress response
    Gene 19N-Acetylmuramoyl–l-alanine amidaseDownWP_000143477.1
    Gene 20metK, methionine adenosyltransferaseDownWP_003058380.1
    Gene 21Thiamine biosynthesis protein ApbEUpNP_688090.1
    Gene 22Peptidoglycan-binding protein LysMUpNP_689133.1
    Gene 23Lipoyl-binding domain-containing proteinUpNP_687909.1
    Gene 24treC, alpha-amylaseUpNP_687228.1
Transport, gene 25treP, PTSa trehalose-specific transporter subunit IIBCAUpNP_687227.1
DNA replication, gene 26DNA replication and repair protein RecFUPNP_689141.1
    Gene 27RegR family transcriptional regulatorUpNP_688885.1
    Gene 28TetR family transcriptional regulatorDownWP_000445921.1
Unknown function, gene 29Domain of unknown functionUpNP_688316.1
  • a PTS, phosphotransferase system.