Table 2.

Adherence and invasive ability of bfpF mutant strain UMD916 in comparison to those of wild-type strain E2348/69 andbfpA mutant strain UMD901

StrainRelevant genotypeMean % adherence ± SEaGeometric mean % inoculum recoveredb
E2348/69Wild type100% ± 11%0.107% (0.072%, 0.160%)
UMD916 bfpF 836% ± 206% (P = 0.007)0.070% (0.050%, 0.090%) (P = 0.258)
UMD901 bfpA 0.13% ± 0.04% (P < 0.001)0.006% (0.003%, 0.009%) (P < 0.001)
  • a Mean percentages of wild-type adherence were determined with radiolabeled bacteria. Data are from three experiments performed in triplicate. Data from a fourth experiment were discarded because of an outlier value for the number of CFU from one strain. Statistical comparisons (versus the wild type) were made with Student’s paired t test.

  • b Geometric mean percentages of inoculum recovered after gentamicin treatment were determined as a measure of invasiveness. Data are from five experiments performed in triplicate. The numbers in parenthesis are geometric means minus and plus the standard errors. Statistical comparisons (versus the wild type) were made by analysis of variance.