Ratios of geometric mean IFN-γ ELISPOT responses against CS C-terminal peptides of test groups versus the RTS,S/AS01B comparator groupa

WkResult for the following immunization protocol:
RTS,S/AS01B, RTS,S/AS01B, Ad35.CSAd35.CS, RTS,S/AS01B,RTS,S/AS01BAd35.CS,Ad35.CS
Ratio (95% CI)PRatio (95% CI)PRatio (95% CI)P
6Pooledb6.0 (1.5-25.4)0.017
144.9 (1.2-20.4)0.0216.4 (4.0-67.8)0.00012.5 (0.6-10.2)0.28
254.1 (1.3-12.7)0.0110.0 (3.2-31.2)<0.00012.0 (0.7-6.3)0.029
383.6 (0.95-14.1)0.067.3 (1.9-28.3)0.0031.3 (0.3-5.1)0.091
  • a The comparator group received three immunizations, each with RTS,S/AS01B.

  • b The RTS,S/RTS,S/RTS,S and RTS,S/RTS,S/Ad35 results were pooled for week 6 analysis, since the prime and first boost treatments were identical. Statistical analysis is based on Dunnett's comparison using log-transformed data. Week 25 represents the 3-month time point after final immunization.