Proliferative responses of A. marginale VirB9-specific CD4+ T-cell clones

Expt no. and animalT-cell cloneProliferation (SI)c in response to:
Expt. 1a
    04B9090.2F11.0 203.7 382.2 0.7NDd
    04B9191.3D110.8 3.4 12.9 1.00.3
91.1H80.7 5.4 53.3 ND0.7
91.2G100.4 2.6 26.6 ND1.1
91.4C121.3 3.4 162.9 ND0.5
    04B9292.3A60.5 9.2 74.0 ND0.5
92.3B30.4 7.3 97.6 ND0.4
92.4C51.0 3.8 22.8 ND0.8
Expt. 2b
    04B9292.3E20.9 37.8 144.7 105.4 182.4 1.3
92.4E40.7 14.0 44.8 20.4 107.6 0.5
  • a In experiment 1, T-cell clones were stimulated with antigen and APC in a 4-day proliferation assay for responses to URBC, St. Maries strain A. marginale outer membranes, rVirB9, MSP2, or rRap1CT. Clone 90.2F1 was stimulated with 1.0 μg per ml VirB9 and 10 μg per ml of the other antigens, clone 91.3D11 was stimulated with 1 μg per ml antigen, and the remaining clones were stimulated with 5 μg per ml antigen.

  • b In experiment 2, T-cell clones 92.3E2 and 92.4E4 were stimulated as above and tested for proliferation responses to the URBC, St. Maries, Florida, and S. Idaho strains of A. marginale at 10 μg per ml and rVirB9 and rRAP-1 CT at 5 μg per ml.

  • c Data are presented as the stimulation index (SI), which is the mean cpm of duplicate cultures of cells plus antigen/mean cpm of duplicate cultures of cells plus medium. Statistically significant responses are indicated in boldfaced type. URBC, St. M, FL, and S. Idaho, URBC, St. Maries, Florida, and S. Idaho strains of A. marginale.

  • d ND, not determined.