TEWL resultsa

BaselineAfter pretreatment of skinNet
nMean (SD)RangenMean (SD)RangenMean (SD)Range
118187.6 (2.2)4.2-11.21721.9 (16.1)8.8-74.21714.2 (15.6)3.2-65.9
217167.2 (2.1)3.0-11.21620.3 (9.4)10.0-45.41613.2 (9.2)4.29-37.4
316176.9 (2.1)2.0-10.81718.2 (9.3)7.3-34.71711.3 (8.7)1.4-27.1
All51517.3 (2.1)b2.0-11.225020.1 (11.9)b7.3-74.25012.9 (11.5)1.4-65.9
  • a Baseline TEWL, TEWL after pretreatment of the skin at day 42, and net TEWL were determined. The net TEWL was calculated by subtracting the baseline TEWL from the TEWL after skin pretreatment. The differences between groups for baseline TEWL, TEWL after skin pretreatment, and net TEWL were not significant (P > 0.005, as determined by a t test).

  • b The differences between the group TEWL and the combined subject TEWL after skin pretreatment and baseline TEWL were significant (P < 0.01).