Table 1.

Reactivity of antibodies to synthetic peptides of ESAT-6 in ELISA

PeptideOD values
P1 (1–20)0.049b 0.0400.059
P2 (12–35)0.1360.0500.066
P3 (22–45)0.4990.0400.043
P4 (32–55)0.1410.8770.350
P5 (42–65)0.0490.6881.147
P6 (52–75)0.0460.0660.681
P7 (62–85)0.0290.0300.049
P8 (72–95)0.0330.0300.047
  • a Each antiserum shown is representative for three rabbits immunized with each peptide.

  • b The OD value recorded is for the second bleeding of each rabbit.