Table 1.

Vaccine composition and estimated efficacy in children

VaccineAntigen compositiona(μg)Trial/studybEstimated efficacy (%)
CLI PwWhole cellItaly/Sweden36/48
PM PwWhole cellSenegal96
W PwWhole cellUnited Kingdomc93–94
SB Pa2PTd (25), FHA (25)Sweden59
SB Pa3PTd (25), FHA (25), PRN (8)Italy84
CLL Pa5PTd (10), FHA (5), PRN (3), Fim2,3 (5)Sweden85
PM Pa2PTd (25), FHA (25)Senegal85
CB Pa3rPT (5), FHA (2.5), PRN (2.5)Italy84
  • a Antigens included chemically detoxified PT (PTd), genetically detoxified (rPT), FHA, PRN, and fimbriae of types 2 and 3 (Fim2,3).

  • b The vaccines were assessed in the efficacy trials in Stockholm (1992 to 1995), Sweden (12); Italy (11); and Senegal (37).

  • c The estimated efficacy quoted for the Wellcome Pw has been reported from epidemiological studies in the United Kingdom (8, 25) and concur with the high level of efficacy of the Wellcome/Medeva Pw tested in the efficacy trial in Stockholm (1993 to 1996), Sweden (1).