Presence and quantification of B. subtilis tasA sinR lux TasA-mCherry spores in feces after a third oral application

LuminescencecNo. of sporesdLuminescenceNo. of sporesLuminescenceNo. of spores
1+2.4 × 105+3.0 × 106ND
2+6.5 × 105ND+1.3 × 104
3ND+1.7 × 105ND
  • a DPA, days postapplication.

  • b RS, random fecal sample.

  • c The samples were considered positive (+) when they were resistant to heat treatment (80°C for 20 min) and displayed luminescence after germination, as inspected with an IVIS camera.

  • d The number of recombinant B. subtilis spores is represented as the average of two independent measurements. The data correspond to the number of CFU per gram of feces. ND, not detected.