Phenotypic characteristics of B. pseudomallei mutants used in this studyd

ChromosomeStrainGeneaPutative function, homologyaPlaque formationProtease activityLecithinase activitySiderophore productionGrowth on supplemented iron-depleted agarH2O2 resistanceGrowth in LB mediumGrowth in minimal medium
57:16BPSL0413Lipoate-protein ligase B, lipB++++++
30:93BPSL0908Phosphoribosylglycinamide formyltransferase, purN+++++++
25:90BPSL1528Putative exported protein++++++++
56:65BPSL2818bPhosphoribosylformyl-glycinamidine cyclo-ligase, purM+NGNGNGND
1:4BPSL2825cPara-aminobenzoate synthetase component, pabB++++++
49:57BPSL3133Imidazole glycerol phosphate synthase, hisF+++NGNG++
25:45BPSS1509Hypothetical protein++++++++
16:48BPSS1539Hypothetical protein++++++++
  • a Gene numbers, probable functions, and homologies are from reference 18.

  • b One of two isolated mutants with insertions in the same ORF at different positions.

  • c One of three isolated mutants with insertions in the same ORF at different positions.

  • d Plaque formation, production of extracellular enzymes, growth on iron-depleted medium supplemented with various iron sources, and H2O2 resistance were determined as described in Materials and Methods. +, wild-type plaque formation, enzyme activity, growth, or resistance; ↓, significant reduction; −, not detectable; NG, strain did not grow on medium; ND, not determined because growth was impaired under the assay conditions.