B. burgdorferi ospC mutant does not infect MyD88−/− mice

Mousea and B. burgdorferi strainDetection of B. burgdorferi
    BSKd (negative control)0/10/1
    ospC7 (mutant)0/50/5
    ospC7/ospC+4 (complement)3/52/5
    BSKd (negative control)0/20/2
    ospC7 (mutant)0/50/5
    ospC7/ospC+4 (complement)4/55/5
  • a All mice derived from a C57BL/6 background as described in Materials and Methods.

  • b Number of PCR-positive mice/number of mice injected, assessed by PCR detection of the B. burgdorferi recA gene from mouse tissues (ankle, heart, and ear). Positive results were based on detection in at least one tissue.

  • c Number of mice culture positive for B. burgdorferi/number of mice injected, based on the culture of mouse urinary bladders in BSK medium. After 2 weeks, cultures were examined by dark-field microscopy for the presence of spirochetes.

  • d Negative-control mice were injected with sterile BSK medium.

  • e WT, wild type.