Infectivity and transmission of B. burgdorferi clones in mice and ticks

CloneInfection routeMouse infectionaTick infectionb
A3Needle inoculation3/36/6
A3Nymphal tick feedingc1/13/3
ospCK1Needle inoculation0/3NDd
ospCK1/pBSV2G-ospCNeedle inoculation3/317/18
ospCK1*Nymphal tick feedingc0/24/4
  • a Number of mice infected/number of mice tested by serology (at 3 weeks postinoculation or post tick application) and/or culture (at 52 days postinoculation or 18 weeks post tick application).

  • b Number of ticks infected/number of ticks tested by IFA or plating. Ticks were infected by feeding larvae on mice described in the corresponding line.

  • c Ticks acquired spirochetes by feeding as larvae on infected mice described in the preceding line.

  • d ND, not determined.