B. burgdorferi ospC mutant grows and adapts in DMCs but remains noninfectious for mice

B. burgdorferi strainDMC result:Mouse infectivity by DMC-grown cellsc
GrowthaHost adaptationb
ospC7 (mutant strain)++0/3
ospC7/ospC+4 (complemented strain)++3/3
  • a Growth within DMCs represents at least four doublings of B. burgdorferi from the initial inoculum, and all strains reached densities of >106 cells/ml.

  • b Host adaptation was assessed by SDS-PAGE and subsequent immunoblot analysis (Fig. 1).

  • c Number of mice infected/number of mice injected with DMC-grown B. burgdorferi. Mouse infectivity was assessed by serological response 4 weeks postinfection against the early antigen P39 (40) and total B. burgdorferi cell lysate.

  • d WT, wild type.