Sequences identified in microarray experiments and used as targets in screening with PCR, with known homologies after NCBI database search

Sequence name and GenBank accession no.G+C content (%)Gene content and homologye value (GenBank accession no. for match)Size of gene or sequence (bp)
HI0568, DQ42321341.7Known H. influenzae gene; transcription accessory protein (tex)0.0 (L42023 )2,313
HI0696, DQ42321538.3Known H. influenzae gene; “conserved hypothetical protein”0.0 (L42023 )3,937
HI0698, DQ42321539.8Known H. influenzae gene; “conserved hypothetical protein”0.0 (L42023 )1,752
HC, DQ42321433.8Known H. influenzae gene; hypothetical protein0.0 (AY599455 )759
igaB, DQ42320342.4IgA protease; high homology to N. meningitidis0.0 (AF012206 )0.0 (YP_207437 )5,664
183UM, DQ42320529.710 ORFs with >25 amino acids (aa); none with homology785
553UM, DQ42321230.6227-aa ORF; hypothetical H. influenzae protein10−125 (ZP_00349643 )1,027
707UM, DQ42321634.8>364-aa ORF; conserved hypothetical protein, many organisms, highest is Oceanicola batsensis9 × 10−40 (ZP_01000803 )1,485
1069-1070UM, DQ42321931.8294-aa ORF; Streptococcus mitis phage SM1 gp11110−8 (AAP81893 )1,556
89-90UM, DQ42320432.1>120-aa ORF; conserved hypothetical N. meningitidis protein3 × 10−32 (AAF41647 )574