A. marginale infection rates and levels within D. andersoni following transmission feeding

Strain% of A. marginale-positive midguts (no. positive/ total no. examined)aMean no. of bacteria per midgut (±SD)% of A. marginale-positive salivary glands (no. positive/ total no. examined)Mean no. of bacteria per salivary gland pair (±SD)
A. marginale Saint Maries100 (35/35)106.8(± 0.45)100 (35/35)107.7(± 0.45)
A. marginale Mississippi2 (3/150)NQb0 (0/150)NQ
A. marginale subsp. centrale54 (81/150)105.4(± 0.67)71 (107/150)107.4(± 0.80)
  • a Midguts positive by msp5 PCR. This reflects only organisms that have entered the midgut epithelium, as this was determined at 14 days postingestion of the acquisition feed blood meal.

  • b NQ, nonquantifiable (below the minimum linear range detectable level of 5×101 bacteria).