Confirmation of attenuation phenotypes of selected STM strains

Mutant IDaORF disruptedGenebIn vivo CIc (mean + SE)Fold attenuationdReference(s)e
JS1967FTL_0094clpB0.00018 + 0.000155,55631, 71
JS3579FTL_0113iglC0.18240 + 0.18538631, 39, 63
JS3200FTL_0519minD0.00556 + 0.007691801
JS1838FTL_0894lon0.00200 + 0.00191500
JS4709FTL_1328fopA0.00008 + 0.0010512,50023, 49, 71
JS4622FTL_1414capA0.00001 + 0.00001100,000
JS2840FTL_1474greA0.00024 + 0.000154,167
  • a The same representative mutant of each gene as listed in Table 1 was chosen to perform the coinfection analysis in mice.

  • b The gene designations are adopted from the annotations of the LVS and Schu S4 genomes.

  • c In vivo CI for each mutant represents the mean + standard error of the CFU values obtained from the lungs of the three mice infected with the same mutant-wild-type mixture as described in Materials and Methods.

  • d Fold attenuation represents the reciprocal of the in vivo CI. AV, only the parent strain LVS was detected in the lungs of the mice coinfected with the LVS-mutant mixture.

  • e Relevant publications for F. tularensis are indicated.