A. marginale levels in the peripheral blood and within the D. andersoni total midgut during acquisition feeding

StrainNo. of bacteria/ml of blood% of A. marginale-positive total midguts (no. positive/total no. examined)aMean no. of bacteria per total midgut (±SD)a
A. marginale Saint Maries1.0 × 108100 (5/5)106.36(± 0.85)
A. marginale Mississippi3.2 × 108100 (20/20)103.7(± 0.59)
A. marginale subsp. centrale1.3 × 108100 (20/20)105.4(± 0.69)
  • a Includes both undigested blood meal in the midgut lumen and organisms that have entered the midgut epithelium.