Table 1.

Characteristics of four endemic group C N. meningitidis strains that are sensitive to nonopsonic phagocytosis by neutrophils

StrainProteinaOpaOpcLNnT (L3,7)Source
8026 NT:NT++Case study (15-yr-old patient)
15021NT:NT++CSF (5-mo-old patient)
15029NT:p1.15++Throat (10-yr-old patient)
15031NT:NT+++Throat (10-yr-old patient)
  • a Class 2 or 3: class 1 (MAbs specific for serotype proteins 2a, 2b, or 2c [class 2], 15 [class 3], and p1.2, p1.16, or p1.15 [class 1]). NT, nontypeable.