F. tularensis LVS genes whose expression was maximally altered by growth under iron-restricted conditionsa

F. tularensis Schu4 ORF no.Gene identity or functionAvg fold differenceb
Genes up-regulated under iron-restricted growth conditions
    29cHypothetical protein (FigA)19.70
    27cDiaminopimelate decarboxylase (FigC)15.13
    26cHypothetical protein (FigD)14.78
    28cHypothetical protein (FigB)9.78
    1565cGlycosyl hydrolase, family 3, pseudogene4.08
    1702Conserved hypothetical protein3.87
    1701Hypothetical protein3.62
    1707Conserved hypothetical protein3.41
    1542cOuter membrane protein3.29
    1714cIntracellular growth locus, subunit A (IglA)3.26
    383Hypothetical protein3.22
    989Hypothetical protein3.19
    1709Conserved hypothetical protein3.09
    980Aminotransferase, class II3.08
    1711cIntracellular growth locus, subunit D (IglD)3.06
    1703Conserved hypothetical protein3.01
    1700Conserved hypothetical protein (PdpB)2.99
    1706Conserved hypothetical protein2.99
    1717Major facilitator superfamily transport protein2.98
    1712cIntracellular growth locus, subunit C (IglC)2.96
Genes down-regulated under iron-restricted growth conditions
    1214cHaloacid dehalogenase-like hydrolase family protein0.32
    881cAmino acid permease0.39
    265ABC transporter, membrane protein0.42
    1269cChaperone protein, DnaK (heat shock protein family 70)0.43
    1696Chaperone protein, GroEL0.43
    1624cHypothetical protein0.44
    1695Chaperone protein GroES0.44
    938Adenosylmethionine-8-amino-7-oxononanoate aminotransferase0.46
    33130S ribosomal protein S30.47
    172Hypothetical membrane protein, fragment0.48
    32750S ribosomal protein L230.49
    413c1,4-α-Glucan branching enzyme0.49
    32850S ribosomal protein L20.49
    14050S ribosomal protein L110.50
    32650S ribosomal protein L40.50
    1048cHypothetical protein0.51
    266ABC transporter, ATP-binding protein0.51
    551Conserved hypothetical protein, pseudogene0.52
    999cZIP metal transporter family protein, pseudogene0.52
    33930S ribosomal protein S80.52
  • a For detailed DNA microarray data, see Table S1 in the supplemental material.

  • b The average fold difference indicates the gene expression level under iron-restricted conditions relative to that obtained under iron-replete conditions.