Effect of ryhB expression on paraquat sensitivity of S. dysenteriae

StrainPlasmidGrowth (optical density at 650 nm)a
Without paraquatWith paraquat
ND100 (wild type)Vector1.16 ± 0.030.88 ± 0.07
ND100 (wild type)pryhB0.87 ± 0.030.24 ± 0.03b
ND100furVector0.62 ± 0.030.37 ± 0.02b
ND100fur/ryhBVector1.18 ± 0.021.02 ± 0.07
ND100ryhBVector1.12 ± 0.031.06 ± 0.07
  • a An endpoint growth analysis of S. dysenteriae wild-type strain ND100, S. dysenteriae fur mutant ND100fur, S. dysenteriae fur ryhB double mutant ND100fur/ryhB, and S. dysenteriae ryhB mutant ND100ryhB containing the vector control or pryhB in the presence or in the absence of 1 μM paraquat was performed. The data are the averages of three independent experiments. All strains were cultured in the presence of 200 μM IPTG to induce expression of ryhB from pryhB.

  • b Significantly different than the growth of the wild-type strain in the presence of paraquat (P ≤ 0.004).