Effect of RyhB on the expression of virulence-associated genes in S. dysenteriae

GeneFunctionFold repression upon ryhB expressiona
sodB Superoxide dismutase7.7
ipaC Secretion apparatus6.6
ipgC Chaperone5.8
ipgB Secreted effector4.6
ipaA Secreted effector4.2
icsB Secreted effector4.2
ipgA Chaperone4.1
mxiM Secretion apparatus3.6
mxiD Secretion apparatus3.2
mxiL Secretion apparatus3.1
mxiE Secretion apparatus3.1
ipgE Chaperone3.0
spa15 Chaperone2.8
ipaD Secreted effector2.8
mxiA Secretion apparatus2.7
mxiC Secretion apparatus2.4
mxiJ Secretion apparatus2.1
  • a Representative data from a microarray analysis comparing the mRNA produced by wild-type S. dysenteriae carrying pryhB grown in the presence of IPTG to that produced when the organism was grown in the absence of IPTG.