Table 1.

Bacterial strains and relevant properties

StrainRelevant phenotypeaReferenceComments
S. pyogenes
 T18PM18 StsTcsSLS+32Isolate associated with rheumatic fever
 MGAS166M1 StsTcs SLS+26Invasive clinical isolate
 T18PsM18 Str TcsSLS+This paperSpontaneous Strrderivative of T18P
 MGAS166sM1 Str TcsSLS+This paperSpontaneous Strderivative of MGAS166
 SB30-2M18 StrTcr SLSThis paperNonhemolytic derivative of T18Ps
 30-2revM18 StrTcs SLS+This paperHemolytic derivative of SB30-2
 SBNH5M1 Str TcrSLSThis paperNonhemolytic derivative of MGAS166s
 NH5revM1 Str TcsSLS+This paperHemolytic derivative of SBNH5
 ATCC 21547SLS+SLO+NRbHemolytic control strain
 ATCC 27762SLSSLO+14Nonhemolytic control strain
E. faecalis CG110StsTcr11Tn916 donor strain
E. coli
 RN6851TcrNRContains pRN6680
 DH5αMCRmcrA φ80dlacΔZM15Gibco BRLLibrary efficiency competent cells
 SL-1TcsCmrThis paperContains pACYC184 with a 3.8-kb insert
  • a Str, streptomycin resistant; Sts, streptomycin sensitive; Tcs, tetracycline sensitive; Tcr, tetracycline resistant; Cmr, chloramphenicol resistant.

  • b NR, no reference.