Table 2.

Summary of PA103 and mutant phenotypes

StrainInvasivenessCytotoxicityaPutative type III proteins secretedSimilarity of sequence at Tn5insertion siteaPostulated delivery to host cell of Putative AIFb
PA103NoYesPepA, PepB, PepD, ExoT+
Mutant 16YesNoNot tested
Mutant MYesNo yscN
Mutant NYesNo pscJ, yscJ
Mutant PYesNoPepA, PepB, PepD, ExoT (variable amounts)Not tested+/−
Mutant QYesNoNot tested
Mutant 1YesNoPepA, ExoTNone
Mutant 8NoMinimalPepB, PepD, ExoT pepA/exoU +
Mutant 13NoMinimalPepB, PepD, ExoT, truncated PepA pepA/exoU +
  • a Data from reference22.

  • b See Fig. 4.