Table 1.

Legionella strainsaused in this study

Sp.StrainSerogroupImplicated in disease
L. pneumophila130b (Wadsworth)1Yes
L. pneumophilaATCC 331542Yes
L. pneumophilaATCC 331553Yes
L. pneumophilaATCC 331564Yes
L. pneumophilaATCC 332165Yes
L. pneumophilaATCC 350968Yes
L. pneumophilaMDPHb9Yes
L. pneumophilaMDPHb10Yes
L. pneumophilaMDPHb11Yes
L. pneumophilaMDPHb12Yes
L. pneumophilaB2A310513Yes
L. pneumophila1169-MN-H14Yes
L. birminghamensis1407-AL-HYes
L. erythraSE-32ANo
L. gormaniiATCC 33297Yes
L. feeleiiWO-44CYes
L. hackeliaeLansing 2Yes
L. israelensisBercovier 4No
L. jamestowniensisJA-26No
L. longbeachaeATCC 33462Yes
L. micdadeiRiveraYes
L. oakridgensisOR-10Yes
L. parisiensisPF-209Yes
L. sainthelensiMount St. Helens 4Yes
L. santicrucisSC-63No
L. spiritensisMSH-9No
  • a For the origins of these strains and their disease associations, see reference 8, but in the case of L. micdadei refer to reference32 and for L. parisiensis see reference39.

  • b Obtained from the Michigan Department of Public Health (MDPH).