Distribution of the egc genes in the 666 S. aureus isolates

Category and strainegc gene contentaAdditional genesbn (%)
seloselmseient1- ent2selnseg
Strains with complete egc cluster++++++409 (61.4)
Strains with 5 egc genes or pseudogenes7 (1.05)
Strain with 4 egc genes or pseudogenes, A950062++++TC1 (0.15)
Strain with 3 egc genes or pseudogenes, A900624+++selu2, selv1 (0.15)
Strain with 2 egc genes, A940440++TC1 (0.15)
Strains with 1 egc gene2 (0.3)
Total strains with at least 1 egc gene421 (63.2)
Total strains with no egc gene or pseudogene245 (36.7)
  • a The egc genes are represented in their order of transcription (from left to right). seo was previously designated sel; sen was previously designated sek. The nomenclature for the other genes is unchanged (12).

  • b ND, not determined; TC, transposase cassette.