S. aureus strains and plasmids used in this study

Strain or plasmidRelevant genotype and phenotypeaSource or reference
    MST04RN4220 ccpA::tet(L); Tcr50
    SA113ATCC 35556; PIA-dependent biofilm producer25
    KS66SA113 ccpA::tet(L); TcrThis study
    KS66 complKS66(pMST1); Kanr; TcrThis study
    KS66 emptyKS66(pAW17); Kanr TcrThis study
    SA113 ΔicaATCC 35556 Δica::tet; Tcr; deletion of the icaADBC operon13
    DSM 20231Cowan serotype 352
    KS153DSM 20231 ccpA::tet(L); TcrThis study
    KS153 complKS153(pMST1); Kanr TcrThis study
    pAW17Escherichia coli-S. aureus shuttle plasmid with ori pAMα1 and ori ColE1; Kanr48
    pMST1pAW17 with 1.7-kb PCR fragment covering ccpA and its proposed promoter; Kanr50
  • a Abbreviations: Tcr, tetracycline resistant; Kanr, kanamycin resistant.