Table 1.

Evaluation of diverse B. burgdorferi sensu lato isolates for growth inhibition by rabbit preDbpA297and OspAB31 antisera, for immunoblot reactivity, and for decorin binding activity

Borrelia isolateSource and originaDecorin binding activitydDbpA antiserumOspA antiserum
Growth inhibition end pointImmunoblot reactivitydGrowth inhibition end pointImmunoblot reactivityd
B. burgdorferi sensu stricto
 B31I. scapularis, New York+b5,120++51,200++
 297CSF, New York+5,120++51,200++
 Sh-2-82I. scapularis, New York++5,120++51,200++
 N40I. scapularis, New York++b12,800++51,200++
 JD1I. scapularis, Massachusetts++b800++1,600++
 HB19Blood, United States±<50±100++
 3028Human pus, Texas+b50c++1,600++
 G39/40I. scapularis, Connecticut±100±3,200++
 LP4Skin (EM), Connecticut+b800++<50++
 LP5Skin (EM), Connecticut+b800++<50++
 LP7Skin (EM), Connecticut+b400++<50++
 NCH-1Skin, United States+b50c++100++
 ZS7I. ricinus, Germany++<50+400++
 H11Blood, Italy+200++400++
 CA-3-87I. pacificus, California±<501,600++
 FREDHuman, Missouri1,600+3,200++
 HBNCBlood, California±3,200±3,200++
B. afzelii
 PGauSkin (ACA), Germany++50c++50++
 ACA ISkin (ACA), Sweden+<50±<50++
 M7I. persulcatus, China±1,600+<50++
 IPFI. persulcatus, Japan1,600±200++
 BO23Skin, Germany++50c++<50+
 ECM-1Skin (EM), Sweden++50c++100+
B. garinii
 PBrCSF, Germany++12,800+<50++
 PBiCSF, Germany++800<50++
 B4 91Skin, Norway++<100<50++
 G2.22CSF, Germany++<50<50++
 Ip90I. persulcatus, Russia+<50±<50++
 IP89I. persulcatus, Russia++<50<50+
 2226I. persulcatus, China+200±<50++
 Fuji P1I. persulcatus, Japan++100++<50++
 20047I. ricinus, France++50c±<50++
B. japonica HO14I. ovatus, Japan+<50±50+
Group 25015 25015I. scapularis, United States10±6,400++
B. andersonii 21038I. dentatus, United States++1,600+<50++
  • a Isolates were derived from patients with Lyme disease or Ixodes tick species. CSF, cerebrospinal fluid; EM, erythema migrans; ACA, acrodermatitis chronicum atrophicans.

  • b Two decorin binding bands at 18 to 20 kDa.

  • c Partial reduction in the number of cells at lowest dilution tested.

  • d Reactivities were scored on a scale from “−” to “++,” with “−” representing background reactivity comparable to background obtained with nonimmune serum or immune serum against an irrelevant antigen and “++” representing the strongest specific signal observed. For decorin blotting, “−” represented reactivity comparable to background obtained in the absence of digoxigenin-conjugated decorin.