Table 2.

Comparison of deduced amino acid sequences with homology to S. mutans RegM

BacteriumGeneNo. of amino acid residues% Amino acid identityFunctionReference or source
Streptococcus mutans regM 333100This workThis work
S. pyogenes NDa 33390ND 29
Lactobacillus casei ccpA 33261ND U28137 b
L. pentosus ccpA 28760ND Z80342 b
Bacillus subtilis ccpA 33453Catabolite control protein 11
B. megaterium ccpA 33252Catabolite control protein 16
L. delbrueckii subsp.lactis pepR1 33349Activator of PepQ 43
Staphylococcus xylosus ccpA 32947Catabolite control protein 6
Clostridium acetobutylicum regA 32438Regulator of starch metabolism 4
  • a ND, not described.

  • b GenBank accession number.