Table 2.

Properties of members of the SRShomology family

Gene (alternate protein name)Surface expressionaSize by Western blotting (kDa)bNo. of ESTscGenBank accession no.Source or reference
SAG1(P30)T301032f M23658 4
SAG3 (P43)T, B43101 L21720 5
SRS1 T4670 U77677 10
SRS2 T40–43290 AF012276 This study
SRS3 (P35)T35?140 AF012275 This study
SRS4 NAd NA10This study
SAG5e NANA10 U64517 29
BSR4(P36)B3610 AF015290 16
  • a T, tachyzoite; B, bradyzoite (surface expression by immunofluorescence).

  • b Size based on mobility in reducing SDS-PAGE.

  • c Number of essentially perfect matches in 7,074 tachyzoite ESTs and 2,353 bradyzoite ESTs.

  • d NA, not available.

  • e The SAG5 cluster also includesSAG5.1 (AF013968) and SAG5.2 (AF017268) (29).

  • f See the text.