FACS analysis of whole lung samples at 48 h postinfectiona

Antibody markerCell typeUninfected animal (%)Mean % ± SD
Wild-type micecpsB mutant mice
Gr-1Granulocytes2.4271.55 ± 8.13.87 ± 1.72
Mac-1Neutrophils/ myeloid cells10.6473.58 ± 8.110.96 ± 2.8
CD19B cells8.934.75 ± 4.19.37 ± 1.69
TCR/CD4CD4+ T cells18.914.45 ± 1.221.7 ± 4.1
TCR/CD8CD8+ T cells21.695.48 ± 2.422.39 ± 4.1
  • a Three mice each were infected with either 104 CFU of the wild-type strain or 107 CFU of the cpsB mutant strain as described previously (18). At 48 h postinfection, whole lungs were taken, processed into single cell suspensions, and evaluated via FACS analysis with several different antibodies to identify different immune cell populations. Antibody markers are listed, along with predominant immune cell type that was targeted. Mean percentages of total cell populations are presented with the standard deviations. The data from the lungs of one uninfected mouse are presented for comparison.