Summary of immunofluorescence detection of 50 C. trachomatis proteins in infected cells using mouse anti-fusion protein antibodies in comparison with previously known information

Location of protein and ORFPrevious evidenceaComputer predictionb
Inclusion membrane
  • a Previous experimental evidence for intracellular location of the 50 proteins is listed in this column. Previously described proteins and the references in which their localizations are described are CT089 (14); CT115 to -119 (35); CT147 (6); CT223, -229, -233, -288, -442, and -484 (2); CT226 (38); CT229 (30); CT232 (IncB) and CT233 (IncC) (3); CT249 (22); CT442 (44); CT529 (15); CT618 (42); and CT813 (8). IM+, positive localization in the inclusion membrane; IB+, positive localization inside the inclusions; −, published experimental evidence for the intracellular location of the corresponding proteins is lacking.

  • b Ban and Toh stand for references 2, Bannantine et al., and 49, Toh et al., respectively. +, positive prediction for inclusion membrane localization; −, negative prediction for inclusion membrane localization.

  • c No specific signals were detected using the corresponding antibodies under the conditions in which the experiments were carried out.