Table 1.

Spectrum of antibacterial activity of parent, mutant, and partially purified mutacin 1140 (fraction A)a

Target strainZone of growth inhibition (mm)b for test strain or compound:
JH1140DM25Fraction A
Mutans streptococci
S. cricetusE49110+c
S. rattus BHT-2160+
S. mutans NG8120+
S. mutans OMZ175100+
S. mutansV100110+
S. sobrinusSL1100+
S. sobrinus ATCC 2735280+
S. downeii ATCC 33748170+
S. salivarius
 ATCC 25975170+
 ATCC 27945190+
S. mitis ATCC 19950200+
S. sanguis
S. pyogenes
Lactobacillus caseiATCC 7469120+
Staphylococcus aureusCowan160+
  • a Chloroform treatment of JH1140 culture liquor yielded a precipitate, which was dissolved in 50% ethanol to yield fraction A, containing partially pure mutacin 1140.

  • b Diameter of zone of growth inhibition.

  • c +, zone of growth inhibition was observed but not measured.