Table 2.

Proliferation of PBMCs from leprosy and TB patients and healthy leprosy contacts in response to the M. avium and M. leprae 35-kDa proteins

Group (n)MLSM. leprae 35-kDa proteinM. avium35-kDa protein
% PositiveaMean Δcpm (SEM)% PositiveMean Δcpm (SEM)% PositiveMean Δcpm (SEM)
Contacts (12)8328,349 (7,135)8319,495 (4,582)7513,816 (4,465)
PB leprosy patients (18)8915,499 (3,938)7812,561 (2,193)565,423 (1,444)
TB patients (10)408,731 (3,161)b 204,995 (2,661)02,242 (780)
  • a Positive responders are defined as subjects with a net proliferative response of >2,000 cpm and a stimulation index of >4 at 10 μg/ml (MLS and M. leprae 35-kDa protein) or 3 μg/ml (M. avium35-kDa protein) of antigen.

  • b Differences in the mean proliferative responses between TB and PB leprosy patient groups were compared by Student’s t test and were not significantly different.