Table 3.

Effect of 2 mM EGTA on the activity of tears against gram-positive bacteria

BacteriaResult with incubation timea
1 h3 h
% SurvivalLog10 reduction% SurvivalLog10 reduction
E. faecium94.132<0.01>4.11<0.01>4.18
B. subtilis <0.01>4.34<0.01>4.94
L. monocytogenes EGD30.70.512.201.56
Group BStreptococcus 0.192.720.033.59
S. aureus 6739594.40.03125−0.10
S. aureus GM-198.70.0176.10.11
MRSA ATCC 3359193.80.02108.0−0.04
MRSA 28841100.00.00100.00.00
MRSA 30371109.0−0.04106.0−0.03
MRSA 54424-1118.0−0.07182.0−0.26
  • a Input counts ranged from 7.9 × 105 to 3.2 × 106 CFU ml−1. The percent survival and log10 reduction values at 1 and 3 h are expressed relative to those for the contemporaneous controls, which consisted of bacteria incubated in ATF containing 0.3 mg of Trypticase soy broth powder ml−1.