Table 3.

DTH elicited by the M. avium 35-kDa protein in mycobacterium-sensitized guinea pigsa

Sensitizing organismM. lepraesonicateM. avium 35-kDa protein
No. positive/no. testedMean induration (mm [range])No. positive/no. testedMean induration (mm [range])
M. avium 3/312.8 (12–14)3/311.7 (10–13)
M. leprae 3/310.7 (10–12)3/310.3 (9–12)
M. tuberculosis 5/511.4 (10–13)2/59 (0–10)
M. bovis BCG3/310.1 (9–11)1/39 (0–9)
  • a Guinea pigs were sensitized by intradermal injection of 0.5 mg of each mycobacterial species. Intradermal injection of 10 μg of each antigen was used for recall.