Vaccine-related adverse events (events graded as “probably” or “definitely” related)

VaccineNo. of events: type(s) of events
Group 1 ME TRAP (n = 8 for each dose)Group 2 CS (n = 8 for each dose)
DNA-ME TRAP/DNA-CSSix events: three redness (1 to 4 mm); three pain; one muscle fasciculationNoneFour events: two redness (1 to 3 mm), one induration (2 mm); one painFive events: one malaise; one headache; two myalgia; one diarrhea
DNA-ME TRAP/DNA-CSFour events: three redness (1 to 4 mm); two painNoneThree events: one redness (1 mm); two painNone
MVA-ME TRAP/MVA-CSEight events: eight redness (28 to 94 mm [six at grade 2]); eight induration (8 to 60 mm); seven pain (two at grade 2)Eight vaccine-related events: three fevers (>37.5°C); six feverishness (one at grade 2); seven malaise; two arthralgia; four headache; six myalgia; two nausea; five fatigueEight events: eight redness (18 to 52 mm [2 at grade 2]); eight induration (8 to 23 mm); seven painThree vaccine-related events: zero fevers (>37.5°C); one feverishness (at grade 2); two malaise; one headache; three fatigue
  • a All events are grade 1 (mild) unless otherwise stated.